A successful presence on Twitter naturally attracts thousands (or millions!) of followers. Most people may have some idea of who their followers are as they accumulate them over time. It’s useful, though, to be able to look at the whole list and better understand the overall picture.

ScoutZen makes it easy to export your followers by downloading a CSV file. In fact, you can scout the followers for any public Twitter user.

Scouts run continually, and the results can be viewed any time at scoutzen.com. The CSV download provides an alternative and powerful way to search and analyze a snapshot of your scout’s matches. Here are a few obvious examples:

Twitter Followers in a spreadsheet

Search bios

Whether you are looking for your next customer, recruiting candidates for a job listing, finding people in your industry, prospecting for leads by job title, or expanding your network, searching Twitter bios can give you an edge.

Find followers near you

Using your favorite spreadsheet application, you can easily sort and filter followers by location. Re-connect with the followers that are close to you.

Find influential followers

Sort your followers by their followers count to find powerful connections.

Monitor your competitors’ followers

Create a scout for your competitors’ Twitter followers to quickly find leads for your business. The CSV download gives you insight into what your competitors are doing to market their business and attract their customers.

Choose your favorite spreadsheet

The ScoutZen CSV download can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets or your favorite spreadsheet application or text editor.

Getting Started

First, create a scout for the followers you want to analyze. Provide as criteria either your twitter @screen-name or that of any public twitter account.

Scout Setup

ScoutZen will then go to work, creating and updating a list of the followers. Depending on the number of followers, this may take some time. In practice, it takes less than an hour to build up a list with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Download Followers

Scout Download/Export

Once the scout has gathered all of the followers, go to the results tab and click the Download/Export button. Depending on how many profiles are in the results you will either get an immediate download or receive a link to download the CSV file.

File Format

The CSV file contains the following columns with Twitter profile information:

  • nickname / screen name
  • name
  • description (bio)
  • location
  • url
  • verified
  • #followers
  • #friends
  • #listed (number of Twitter Lists the person has been added to)
  • #statuses (number of times the person has tweeted)
  • joined (when the person joined Twitter)

Scouting for and exporting Twitter followers with ScoutZen is the quickest way to get a searchable, sortable, filterable database of yours or any public Twitter profile’s followers.

If you are on a paid plan, sign in to ScoutZen and set it up now. If you are on the Free plan, don’t worry. Just go to your Account settings and change plans to try out export absolutely FREE for 14 days.

Happy Scouting!