ScoutZen now allows you to share scout results and coordinate tasks with people on your team. Invite members with assigned roles within your account. Team members can quickly accept the invite, set up their own login and start viewing and researching results. As an account owner, you retain full administrative and billing control.

Read on for more details, best practices and a step-by-step guide on using ScoutZen with your team.

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Get more done with shared access

Just like any other team, you can be more productive with ScoutZen by dividing up tasks and sharing the load. Team members can help in exploring scout results, analyzing activity for insights or integrating data with other tools. Others can set up new scouts as needs evolve. It also becomes easy to manage a large number of active scouts and campaigns by partitioning responsibility amongst team members.

Improved security and peace of mind

Keep your Twitter and ScoutZen accounts more secure. You never have to share passwords with others. With their own login and password management, you will not even have to respond to queries for resetting forgotten passwords. It can all be done directly by your associates within ScoutZen using their own email address.

Team members who are not owners can view scout activity and results, but they do not permissions to modify scouts, access billing information or update other account settings.

Whether you engage with contractors, consultants or freelancers, ScoutZen teams makes it easy to grant access, restrict roles and when required, remove members from the team.

Inviting your team

To get started adding members, visit your Settings page and click on the Members section. Fill out the invite member form and we will send them an email with instructions to join your team on ScoutZen. You will also be able to track their status at any time by returning to the Members page.

Here’s a walkthrough of the process:

Invite Member

Joining a team on ScoutZen

Invited members can set up their own login and password with a few clicks. They will automatically be added to the team and have access to scouts and results.


Start collaborating

Team invites are now available on the Plus Plan, which comes with a free 7-day trial. In addition to Teams, the Plus plan provides you with 25 Scouts to accommodate your social media strategies.

For current customers, visit your Billing Settings to upgrade to the Plus Plan.

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