Now you can search and sort your Scout results, making your lists even smarter. With these latest tools, you can easily understand your audience and find potential outreach candidates.

Scouts provide results meeting some criteria or context, whether mentions, hashtags, followers or list members. Searching people within those results by keywords in their bio, is a powerful way to analyze a Twitter audience or community. This is effective for brand monitoring, event networking and other ways that twitter users gather around a topic.

ScoutZen lets you apply bio and location search to lists of people discovered through any type of scouts. For example:

  • Narrow Twitter hashtag and keyword search results by user bio and location.
  • Filter Twitter List members with search keywords
  • Search followers’ bios for company names, job titles, or industries.
  • Ditto: competitor’s followers to find new prospects and leads for your business.

Finally you can sort the entire results or just the search hits by most followers, most friends, most lists or most active to suit your needs.

Filter Hashtag Results

Let’s see this strategy in action by finding CEOs taking part in a popular Twitter Chat, #TwitterSmarter run by Twitter Marketing Strategist Madalyn Sklar.

First, create a Scout for the #TwitterSmarter hashtag, which will continually monitor Twitter for tweets with this hashtag. As results are gathered, you can filter for those with CEO in their bio and sort by followers.

Filter Twitter Search Results by bio

You’ve just found Twitter loving CEOs!

While this example uses a job title to filter on, you could search for company name, industry or other terms to identify the best people to connect with further.

Use search for outreach

Your Twitter followers are already in your network. But, browsing through hundreds, thousands or more profiles can be a burden. While Twitter Audience Insights can provide a number of insights into your followers, there’s still nothing on Twitter to search your followers’ bios or sort them by follower count. With ScoutZen, create a Scout for your followers and search to quickly find people to re-connect or reach out.

Followers Search

Applying these same techniques for a competitor’s Twitter account can help you find leads and prospects. Kristi Hines article on how to use your competition’s Twitter presence is just as valid today and even easier with ScoutZen.

Analyze Twitter Lists

Let’s say you have a list of CMOs on Twitter. After building that great big list, how do you quickly find people for a given industry or niche? By now, you know the answer:

Twitter List members search results sorted by followers

Search and sort help you find your way through hundreds of thousands of results quickly. In conjunction with CSV export, these tools can make your lists and workflow even more efficient.

Give it a try today!